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Kirk Cousins: the great white hope in the Chocolate City?


We try hard to avoid fan rants here at Hog Heaven and focus instead on analysis, most often on why the Washington Redskins don't win more games. As of Sunday, the Redskins ceased to be football news. They have become TMZ-level drama.

The short-timer known as Mike Shanahan made more news drama in his press conference yesterday. (Were you as surprised as I was that he had a press conference yesterday?) Coach announced that he might bench Robert Griffin III to save him for a healthy offseason and start Kirk Cousins instead. 

Oh my. 


I hope Shanahan had the professional courtesy to inform Griffin and Cousins of his thinking before telling the media. The entertainment value of this team is now all pre and post-game.

We'll save the merits of the RGIII vs. Capt. Kirk for another post, other than to say that I am a longtime Cousins fan and even I am skeptical about that.

What is even more disturbing was the reaction by some fans to the prospect. Take those comments you hear on sports talk radio with a tablespoon of salt. More than a few people thought Cousins should not start because he might play too well and stunt RG's development.

That kind of thinking carries us into the world of the weird and brought to mind Skip Baseless' argument that Cousins, as the great white hope of Redskins fans, would bring on a racial divide in Washington. 

It's a silly argument, but Bayless' debate with Stephen A. Smith after the 2012 NFL Draft is worth a second look. Bayless main point is off the mark (perfect for TV debate, though). Some of the points in the debate are playing out before our eyes. Who knew?

Most of Washington is shut down for two inches of snow, so this is a good day to grab a cup of coffee and watch this 14-minute debate.  

Lets hear from you, readers. Does Bayless have a point?