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Kyle Shanahan moonlights as an Obamacare website programmer
Nepotism failed on the Obamacare website (a hefty $500 million contract was awarded to a friend of Michelle Obama without the standard request for other supplier bids), and it has failed the Washington Redskins offense.
Snyder needs to make an ultimatum to Mike Shanahan – fire Kyle now or pack your bags with him.
We all know that it's time to move on when we hear, "The Redskins have '6'" and we have to ask "is that points or total offensive yards in the 2nd half?"  
I don't need to outline the reasons for a massive regime change, because it's obvious to everyone by now.
I do want to give Mike Shanahan a big thank you.  He deserves our thanks for helping steer the Redskins in a more professional direction than the disasters that preceded his tenure.  (Just taking this last draft, we scratched our heads on Amerson and Reed and he was dead right on those picks.  And yes, he blew it by taking two RBs and no BIG offensive linemen).  Ultimately though, whether you think the new NFL has passed him by or it's just time to get some fresh blood, it's time to get ready to say goodbye.
In the meantime, please stop putting RG3 behind this dreadful offensive line.  Put in Cousins at least for 1/3 of the game not to bench RG3, but to save his health and allow him to recover in case the new coach wants to keep RG3.  I'm still stunned he allowed RG3 to play the first few games in full.  I also request that you give Tom Compton, Adam Gettis and Josh LeRibeus a shot on the offensive line.  We need to evaluate if they are worth keeping or not, since everyone else is a goner (with the exception of Trent Williams).
Speaking of Trent Williams, did the Shanny's realize that by benching Fred Davis, Trent's best friend on the team, you would demotivate Trent so he would play as bad as his fellow linemen?  
If I had to nail down the big mistake that blew it for the Shanahan's and for the 2013 Redskin's season, it was playing RG3 in the playoff game against Seattle past the first quarter.  Besides ruining RG3's desperately needed offseason, etc., there was a lack of moral integrity displayed with that move that ruined the credibility of the entire Redskins coaching staff.  You need impeccable integrity to lead a group of average NFL players to the playoffs.
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