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Lorenzo Alexander surprise pick for Pro Bowl. Oh yeah, RGIII and Trent Williams make it, too.


Pro Bowl voters validated Vinny Cerrato's personnel prowess by naming Lorenzo Alexander to the 2013 Pro Bowl. The Gibbs-Snyder-Cerrato front office signed Alexander to the practice squad mid-season 2006. He has since proven to be the most versatile player on the roster by playing as defensive tackle, offensive guard and now outside lineman.

Alexander has been selected as a Pro Bowl special teamer, and this tack was to find a different angle to the story that everywhere else will lead with Robert Griffin III's selection to his first Pro Bowl in his rookie season.

Greg Rosenthal called Griffin's performance "frighteningly efficient." That's all too well known to Redskins fans, so Hog Heaven won't waste more of your time to describe it. Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson are also having outstanding seasons, but neither rookie was selected for the game.

The NFL selected LT Trent Williams to the Pro Bowl. Does anyone remember that Williams was suspended last season for violations of the league's drug policy? Good. Williams promised to have learned from the mistake. Everything we've seen thus far shows that he has learned.

Allow me to use Williams and Chris Samuels in the same sentence. Trent Williams will make multiple Pro Bowls just as Chris Samuels did.

Rookie RB Alfred Morris has been named a Pro Bowl alternate. Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore are named Pro Bowlers. With that bunch, Hog Heaven does not quibble with Morris' selection as an alternate. We expect that Morris will make the most of his time with his exposure to stud runners.

We close with our annually vain lament that London Fletcher was not named to the Pro Bowl on the strength of his performance. 49ers Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman were the named players. We don't get to see a lot of 49ers game here on the East Coast. I get that I could be missing something about one of the NFL's top defensive unites, but the snub feels like a San Francisco tilt to me.


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