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Making up RGIII controversy and sidelining Chris Cooley

Redskins quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III

Here is a Redskins Roundup of news worth mentioning.

RGIII vs. Kirk Cousins, the controversy that isn't .. yet

Pro Players Insiders lists Robert Griffin III as the most pressured QB going into the 2013 season, but not for the reason you might think.

If Griffin does not come back from his knee injury healthy, Kirk Cousins might take over his role, according to this story. That's a bit much. I am a Cousins fan from his Michigan State days. The NFL Network just deemed him America's No. 1 back-up quarterback. However, Griffin's playing days have to be over before fans prefer Cousins to him. Even Cousins isn't making this claim.

I do think that several quarterback-needy teams blew it by overlooking Cousins in the 2012 Draft. It will take more than a fourth-round Draft pick to snatch him from Washington who is no hurry to trade him anyway.  

Chris Cooley … sidelined

Capt. Chaos announced what we already knew. He is retiring from pro football, though he does not want to. The Redskins have a roster full of younger, healthier tight ends. Other teams are not offering starter status. We learned all that last year.

Cooley won't file retirement papers yet. Maybe the 'Skins will call him up again like they did last year when Fred Davis was injured. Cooley is a favorite of fans and, to their delight, the Redskins are adding him to the radio broadcast team as an analyst. We suspect he will be on the sideline during games.

That feels right. There is only one place for Cooley to be, in Washington. He has a unique broadcasting presence like John Riggins, but his attitude towards the owner is much friendlier than Riggo's.

The Diesel said things about Mr. Snyder's leadership that needed to be said at the time. Fortunately, that is not a role Capt. Chaos need play today.   

Redskins over or under

If you are a betting man, or woman, you know the over-under is a wager whether the outcome of a game will exceed the total score of a sports contest. Joe Fortenbaugh at National Football Post writes that most casual bettors take the over, thus implying that gambling sharps take the under.

The over is rarely a successful bet says Fortenbaugh. That should be enough to tell you why the sports books who sets the line come out ahead over the long term.

The average total score of NFL games in 2012 was 45.51 points, up slightly from 2011's average of 44.35. The over-under line for the Eagles at Redskins Week One game is 51.5. You have been advised.

My lawyer wants me to tell you that I am not a gambling tout and will not be responsible for your gambling losses.

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