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Maybe the Browns do not want RG3 afterall

Robert Griffin IIIRedskins fans are losing sleep over what Mike Holmgren might do (to them) in the 2012 NFL Draft April 26. Holmgren is the man most likely to ruin our day, depending on what he decides about Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Hog Heaven warned you that the Cleveland Browns have more valued Draft picks and more of them to throw into a deal to move up to the St. Louis Rams’ No. 2 spot. The fear comes more from what Cleveland is capable of doing than from anything Holmgren has said. Holmgren hasn’t said anything. He knows how to play this game.

Two pieces of news dropped that might reassure Redskins fans.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the Redskins were in the lead for the RG3 sweepstakes because the Browns were not willing to part with the first round pick (22nd overall) received from Atlanta for Julio Jones.

Cleveland’s ability to offer two first round picks in this year’s Draft is a decided advantage over Washington who could offer first round picks for this year and next year. If the Rams are getting push-back from Holmgren, that levels the playing field for the Redskins.

The Rams are anxious to seal the deal before Draft Day before teams get a good look free agent QBs like Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn.

Flynn’s limited NFL resume includes two starts when he completed 62 percent of 132 pass attempts. Granted he threw nine touchdown passes against five interceptions. Six of those scores came in Green Bay’s last regular season win that undoubtedly cost the Packers in the playoffs.

Aaron Rodgers was not sharp that game after two weeks off. The Giants kicked the Pack to the curb. Maybe Green Bay should have started Flynn, but there must be a reason why they stuck with Rodgers.

There is speculation by bloggers no smarter than I that the Browns are more interested in Matt Flynn than Griffin 3rd. They cite a nugget dropped by John Czarnecki at Foxsport.com that the “Browns coaching staff is confused on what to do with RG3.” Thus, vibes of disintrest out of Cleveland.

It’s the offseason. It’s not in any team’s interest to divulge their true intent. Thus, the Interweb is full of lies, posturing, conjecture and SWAG.

If the Browns cut a deal with Flynn at the start of free agency, we can all get more sleep.

(Hat/tip to Yardbarker for pointing me to these stories.)