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Michael Vick to Robert Griffin III — “I see you.”

Michael VickRobert Griffin III was the only rookie quarterback to show up for Day One of the NFL Rookie Symposium. (The others weren’t required to show.) So they missed Michael Vick and Adam (Pacman) Jones talk about life’s lessons learned.

“You are not bigger than the game,” Vick told the audience. It’s easier to get into trouble than to get out of trouble, said Vick who also warned the rookies about the bloodsuckers they will attract. You have to be disciplined.

The good Michael Vick said nothing anyone could have said to the bad Michael Vick would have turned him from the behavior that brought him down.

Have a good time in the NFL, “but don’t screw it up.”

Vick noticed RG3 in the audience. “I see you, RG3. I see you,” said Vick.

Redskins – Eagles is gonna be good. The teams meet in Week 11 (Nov. 18) and Week 16 (Dec 23).

As a child, Griffin III saw Vick as a hero. However, he has rejected comparisons of his playing style to Vick. “I’m a throwing quarterback who runs,” says RG3, and not the other way around.

Point after

The feds flubbed their prosecutions of John Edwards, Sen. Ted Stephens and Roger Clemens. I can picture Vick looking in the mirror and asking himself, “Where were those guys when I needed them?”