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Mike Shanahan confirmed what we already knew, RG3 is No. 1.

Robert Griffin IIIWashington Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan said the only thing I wanted to hear about Robert Griffin III, “He’s the starter, period,” Shanahan stated in today’s press conference following the Rookie mini-camp.

Then Shanahan got into words that coaches who draft young quarterbacks always say. Developing Griffin is going to take time. Blah blah blah and yada yada yada. Shanahan is just trying to reset expectations of Redskins fans, especially those who feel that Washington is one stellar quarterback away from the Super Bowl.

Stop it. Just, stop it. In Griffin, the Redskins have one high quality ingredient to the menu. The chef is still adding to the stew. I like most of Shanahan’s offseason moves since his arrival, particularly his free agent additions in 2010 and his 2011 draft class.

Even if he does not live up to full expectations, Griffin III is Shanahan’s only correct quarterback decision.

Now, coach Shanny has to prove that he has learned two things from his Redskins experience.

  • He has learned to be more flexible than he was with Donovan McNabb and
  • He has learned to tolerate imperfection.

Shanahan became a better coach when he learned to tolerate Rex Grossman’s imperfections. The Redskins were better for it. Now, he has to prove he can tolerate Griffin’s rookie mistakes.

Griffin will get 80 percent of all the snaps with the first team from now on with Rex Grossman and Kirk Cousins competing for the No. 2 spot at quarterback, according to Shanahan.

You will not see the official Redskins Hog Heaven season prediction until late August or September. We are Redskins fans, but we are stone cold analysts, too. We would like to see Messrs. Griffin III and Cousins throw NFL passes and see Messrs Garcon and Morgan catch them first.

The Redskins have averaged seven wins per season since 1992 (do the math). Show us enough to have rational reasons why Washington might challenge for the division.

I like this team, in spite of their five-win 2011. Shanahan and Jim Haslett have not answered all the questions about themselves as coaches, but the team has the feel of moving in the right direction.