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Mike Shanahan On NFL Network’s TOTAL ACCESS Tonight
ASHBURN,VA - JANUARY 06: Mike Shanahan speaks at a press conference introducing him as the new Executive Vice President and Head Coach of the Washington Redskins to the media on January 6, 2010 at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)


NFL Network teaser ads say that Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan will be interviewed on TOTAL ACCESS at 7:00 PM ET today, Friday, July 16, 2010. 

The ads says that Shanahan will be asked about the Albert Haynesworth situation. Of course he will. Haynesworth is the most compelling story out of Redskins Park at the moment. But, he is not the biggest question mark about this team.

Here’s what I want someone to ask the coach:

  1. Can Donovan McNabb’s knack of making average receivers look good carry over to Washington?
  2. Where are you right now on a possible trade for WR Vincent Jackson?
  3. With or without Albert Haynesworth, can the defense jell in the 3-4 alignment in 2010 when a change like this takes the better part of a season? 
  4. Are the offensive linemen now on the roster a good fit for the zone blocking scheme?
  5. Which Vinny Cerrato-drafted player will break out this season?

I don’t expect Rich Eisen and his cohort to ask too many hard hitting questions. If they do, expect Shanahan to spew coach-speak; empty statements that give nothing away to rival teams.

Can’t blame Shany for that, but I’m desperate for blog topics like everyone else this time of year. So cut me a break, coach. 

Football fans voted the Redskins the 19th best team in the NFL as reported on a NFL Network show broadcast June 24, 2010. The NFLN guys thought all the changes would get the Skins back to .500, but would not overtake the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys.

The fans voted the Eagles the 13th best, the Giants the 10th best, and the Cowboys the fifth best team in the league.

Fan polls are just beauty contests, especially in the off-season.

TOTAL ACCESS repeats on the NFL Network for 24 hours after the original broadcast. 

Point After: There’s an odd thing about that 31 in 32 series on NFLN. The volume of fan interest in each of the team recaps were in the same order as the fan ranking. There were 1466 comments on the segment for the Boys compared to a mear 62 comments for the segment covering the Skins. You see the same on other sites. There are 1,335 members of the Redskins community on Bleacher Report.  There are 2,736 members of the Cowboys community.

Part of this can be explained by the fact that other teams draw support from a State. Outside the D.C. Metro area, Washington draws support from parts of Virgina. Maryland tilts toward the Ravens. Certainly part if it is because the Skins haven’t been a serious Super Bowl factor in 19 seasons.

Whatever the reason, us diehard Skins fans must look provincial to the rest of the football world.