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Mobile Report Filed: Redskins Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven mobile appRedskins Hog Heaven loves that plugin from Notice Software that pushes our content to those mobile handheld thingies. We don't quite understand the technomagic that makes it work.

Here's one thing you should know. We receive the comments you send us through your smartphone, but have no idea who you are. That capability is not written into the app, neither is the capability for our response to get back to you.

The app was placed on Hog Heaven's behalf by our network affiliate, Bloguin, wonderful people btw. That means we are hands-off for making this better. For that, I am truly sorry.

Here's what we are going to do. I will gather mobile messages to Hog Heaven and post them, with responses, on Wednesdays. Here's an example using a message that came to us yesterday.

Please protect or QB. #jfunk256 Hog Heaven will do the best we can, but take note that Coach Shanahan has said that RGIII is responsible for protecting himself.

The comment may have been a response to a Hog Heaven story wherein Robert Griffin III acknowledged his own role in his injuries. The comment could also have meant please protect us from Rex Grossman and Pat White.

Google Analytics tells us that about 20 percent of you access Hog heaven via mobile devices. The best way to comment to us is directly on the site through the "Comment" link. That's what we mean when we close our stories with, "Leave a comment down there, too." 

We post all our stories on Twitter and Facebook. Nearly all the feedback to Hog Heaven stories come through those channels these days. We appreciate that and are always grateful for your readership.


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