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Mobile Report Thursday: No new Hog Heaven posts?

We answer the messages you send us from those hand-held thingies.


Hog Heaven Response

How come there are no new posts

The good people at Bloguin, our network replaced the old app by Notice Software for a better one, which is also by Notice Software.

If you are relying on the old app, be aware that it no longer pushes new posts to your mobile device. Now when you visit Redskins Hog Heaven on your smart phone or tablet, you will get a pop-up asking if you wish to subscribe. If you opt-in, you will download the AlertRocket app to your device. New posts to Hog Heaven will be pushed to your handheld via the app.

Hog Heaven received your message a few hours after Greg Trippiedi posted his story Dents in the armor of NFL superpowers. We hope you have read it by now. Excellent read, by the way.



This is a good time to point out two things about Redskins Hog Heaven.

First, we are bloggers, not journalists. Journalists have sources. They originate news. Bloggers are not credentialed journalists. We write what we think. Hog Heaven posts something when we have something worth posting. Our posts will be frequent, but not necessarily daily.

Second, Hog Heaven is not one of those blogs that parrots every morsel of news, or rants every issue about the Redskins. We are the home of thoughtful analysis about the team. Thinking makes my head hurt. Fortunately, I have a pair of contributors who add to the discussion.

Greg Trippiedi has made his football home here for five seasons. Greg goes deep into that analysis stuff. I learn something new about football every time I read his work.

Scott Hirsch signed on last season. Scott brings fresh perspectives about new young players trying to break into the NFL with the Redskins.

I'm the old fart who's watched the NFL since the days of Sonny Jurgensen and Jimmy Brown. Nothing surprises me anymore, although I've never seen anyone like Robert Griffin III. I tend to focus on front office moves and strategic planning.

We are diehard fans who have been skeptical of the Snyder-era Redskins. We drink the Kool-Aid, but we don't swallow everything. Fortunately, the Kool-Aid has been better and better since the 2011 season.

Thank you for asking. Thank you for missing us. Thank you for reading Redskins Hog Heaven.