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Mobile Report Wednesday: Redskins’ beloved team name

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There has been an abundance of controversy over our beloved team's name, and mascot. Way too much for this particular native American's taste!

Yes, I'm half native American, and no, I am not offended by the use of the name "Redskin," or the logo for the team!

Hell, the U.S. Govt. has tried to bury us for so long, this team, and logo may soon be all that's left to remember us by!

I have an idea for all who think the team, who didn't invent bigotry by the way, should change the name and logo … Get behind a bill to force the govt. to return the sacred lands they stole from us, and allowed to be desecrated at the hands of a member of the KKK!

That's right people! Mt. Rushmore was land belonging to the Lakota nation, and in a treaty written by the Federal Govt. the Black Hills were included as part of the Lakota lands. When Custer learned that the Black Hills was rich in gold, the Govt. took back that land, knowing it was sacred to the Sioux. Then, they decided to let it be blown up, and carved up to display images of white heroes! On sacred Lakota lands!

And changing a team's name, and mascot is your idea of an answer?! "(THAT OTHER OFFENSIVE RACIST WORD) PLEASE!"

Apologies for the rant … Stupidity of some makes me go off at times. Thanks for reading!

You have made a point that we have made before. This controversy adds nothing to the discussion about real Native American issues. That is Suzann Harjo's agenda, but all anyone talks about is the logo of a sports team.  I appreciate your perspective.  

It is quite by coincidence that we publish your comment on the 137th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn (June 25-26, 1876) that eventually led to the Lakota's loss of the Black Hills 

The name issue won't go away. Hog Heaven expects that the Redskins will win more games in the next five years than they did in the last five years. That leads to more TV exposure and more opportunities for snippy comments. I feel like I want to scream my version of "leave Britney alone."

Thank you for writing and thank you for reading Redskins Hog Heaven.



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