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Mobile Report Wednesday: Redskins magazines, receivers, contracts and dead apps

We answer the messages you send us from those handheld thingies.



Would like to know how I could receive  copy's  of the Hogs Heaven mags, I've been a fan since Sonny Jergesion. Was with the team.  Thank you,

You flatter us by thinking we have a magazine, but we do not. (I wonder how we could pull that off?)

You might be thinking of the Redskins Warpath Magazine available by subscription. For more details, click HERE.

http://www.hailmagazine.com/ is, or was, an online magazine. The most recent post I see on their web site is a preview of the 2012 Panthers game.

GQ Magazine is running a cover story on RGIII in its September 2013 issue available on newsstands now. To read the story online, click HERE.

By the way, Jurgensen is also my coming-of-age hero. Don't do the math.

is the last article posted really 89 days old? or is there something wrong with this app? weak.

I haven't received any new reports or articles from RHH on my iPhone or iPad in months. I've tried everything I can think of. Any help would be appreciated.

You must be running the old, inactive app. To get Hog Heaven updates to your smart device now, you must visit Redskins Hog Heaven using your device browsernot the old app.

A pop-up window will ask if you want to subscribe. Click "Yes" and the new AlertRocket app will download to your device and configure itself.  Then, you will be burgundy and golden.

Sorry, I have no other means to notify people about this.

We need a deep threat wideout!!!

We have Pierre Garçon, who needs to play an entire season and post-season. I take it you mean we need a second deep threat wideout.

We agree completely, but deep threats don't fall like apples from a tree. Aldrick Robinson or Leonard Hankerson must step up to be the receivers they were drafted to be. Joshua Morgan strikes me as a tough inside receiver like Santana Moss.

We can win games with this group, but titles?

If a rookie has a football injury during training camp, is he paid for the full year?

Like my love life, the answer is complicated by relationships.

A club is obligated to pay a player in camp even if he’s injured or unable to play. During training camp, veterans get paid $1700 a week while rookies receive $925 a week.

The contracts you hear about kick in if the player makes the team, either on the final roster, practice squad or injured reserve. Players are paid by the game if they are on the team (no income during the offseason). Only the top stars have any portion of their contracts guaranteed.

Whether they are paid for the year depends on the player’s status once the regular season starts. Is he just slightly banged up and put on the 53-man roster with the expectation he’ll be back playing early in the regular season? Is he put on IR or PUP? Was he cut? Different obligation depending on the player’s status.

Rookie S Phillip Thomas was earning rookie training camp income when he suffered a season-ending foot injury, but he was placed on Injured Reserved status. He is still with the team. An undrafted rookie free agent with slight chance to make the roster would be released if he suffered the same injury.

See? It's complicated.


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