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Mobile Response Wednesday: Never look RGIII’s wedding gifts in the mouth

Robert Griffin III and his wedding presents

This picture tweeted by Robert Griffin III generated a lot of negative feedback.




Okay, okay … Enough already with RG3'S accepting wedding gifts from fans! I put in toward his wedding gifts, and that is, to quote Will Smith in "Enemy of the State," none of your business! You people really are ridiculous! None of you qualify as Emily Post, and I'm sure she would say it's none of your business, as well!


Robert, much love, and wishes of hope, happiness, love, and spiritual fulfillment, to you, and your lovely fiancee' … Be well, and thanks for what you represent to this team, and the city!

AH! Words from an actual gift giver.


I can neither dispute nor add to what you said. Nor have I much regard for those who think you should be an (wait for it) Indian-giver.


Was that racist? Sorry.


The real story is that Redskins fans have such high regard for Griffin that they would so such a thing. Lets have more talk about that. Will such adulation go to a young man's head? Stay tuned on that one. 


Thank you for texting.

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