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Mobile Response Wednesday: Slurs, Orakpo and the return of RGIII

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So you're saying that "Redskin" is NOT a racist term?

Yes, I am saying that Redskins is NOT a racist term. I am a Baby Boomer. In my entire life, I have only heard "Redskins" applied to Washington's football team and players, or to other sports teams. When you say Redskins, you are talking football. I cannot speak for those unwashed heathen in Dallas. 

Hello my name is Bryan the biggest skins fan ever and have been since 1981!!!!!!! my email is bryanwooten81@—-.—. Will RG3 be ready for the Monday night opener at home against the Eagles?? And what's the odd of us repeating the playoffs this year and NFC east champs and making a real fight for the Superbowl!??? What is the status on Brian Orakpo????  Its time we are considered top contenders again and we should be Americas team. Were the nations capitol team cmon. And why now do they say we should change our name. REDSKINS FOR LIFE!!!!!! There is no disrespect of our name people need to grow up how is it really hurting anyone or affecting any lives????    ITS NOT. We have been the Redskins before we were even in Washington when we changed from Boston if it was a big deal why didn't they change it then. Cmon…. Hail to the REDSKINS!!!!!!!!

A lot of questions there, Bryan. I answer them in order.


The Redskins and RGIII are coy about his return. They say all the right things about "100%" recovery, but the NFL and ESPN MUST believe he will be ready for MNF. You don't think they did that to see Kirk Cousins do you?


Hog Heaven wants to see a few preseason games before making projections. Unlike last year, the Redskins draw a division first place schedule with tougher opponents. We are very optimistic about the long-term prospects for this team. I expect a legit Super Bowl run in 2014.


Respect is given to teams that contend every year. The Redskins made the playoffs three times since 1999. The Ravens made the playoffs five times since 2007, going 9-4 in post-season games, including a Super Bowl win, in that span. The Patriots made the playoffs four times in the last five years, going 3-4 in that span, including a Super Bowl appearance. When the Redskins are perennial contenders like the Ravens and Patriots, they will get that kind of respect.


Brian Orakpo says he is 100%. He said the same last year before he suffered another tear in the same pectoral muscle. Rak says it's a new tear in another spot. The Redskins haven't said anything. You'll have to draw your own conclusion until you see him play.


We addressed the team name in the question above. As for "America's Team," that term is so identified with the Cowboys, that I do not want it for my team. It's like wearing another man's pants. There is a certain "ick" factor. However, I always hoped the NFL would buy the rights from the Jones family and apply "America's Team" to whoever won the Super Bowl. America could buy into that.




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