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Mobile Response Wednesday: When apps go bad

We answer the messages you send from your handheld thingy.

2 week old post…seriously?

Hog Heaven Response:
We received your message Sunday, May 26. The last Redskins Hog Heaven story before your message posted on Friday, May 24. We were perplexed. Then we remembered that we just upgraded our handheld technology and signed up with a competent 4G network, so we checked the app for ourselves. Indeed, the last post linked through the app was our May 15 story, DeAngelo Hall, We started something big in Washington.

Bloguin, our network, informed us that Notice Software, who created and serviced the app, would no longer do so. The May 15 story is the last you will see from that channel for a while. Bloguin is working on new mobile channels.

UPDATE: My Bloguin friends added AlertRocket to the site. Now when you link to Redskins Hog Heaven from your smart phone, you will see a pop-up asking if you want to subscribe. If you opt in, the app will send all future posts to your handheld. HAIL!

I am uninstalling the Notice Software Hog Heaven app on my new smart phone. You might do the same. We post all our stories on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @SkinsHogHeaven, and Like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/RedskinsHogHeaven.