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MUST READ: Albert Haynesworth, The Buffalo Bills and Parental Guidance for Redskins Fans

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Corny with a hint of sarcasm, yet perfect for the occasion. Use several times before the Redskins – Cowboys MNF game tonight.

Albert Haynesworth news you no longer care about

Albert Haynesworth was OUT (Back) for for yesterday’s New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills game. The Bills upset the vaunted Patriots in a 34-31 shootout. Did Haynesworth’s absence make a difference? Web recaps do not give us enough detail to say. Every Redskins fan I know didn’t expect Haynesworth to contribute as much pass pressure to New England’s defense as Bill Belichick may have hoped. So, no Haynesworth is no longer a game changer–much less so if he is suspended.

Haynesworth is listed as one of eight players subject to suspension for dumb jock behavior during the lockout. I’ve seen rumors of suspension as long as six games. Take that with a grain of salt

The spectre of the Buffalo Bills

Just in time for Halloween, the Redskins play the Bills in Toronto October 30. My preseason forecast had the Bills as a “win,” or winnable at least, because…they are the Bills.

Check that. The Bills piled up 449 yards on the Pats, which is less impressive than it sounds. New England was ranked 25th in defense last season. That’s why Haynesworth is there now. May the Patriots be as successful on defense with Haynesworth as we were last year (ranked 31st).

Something good is going on with the Bills and his name may be RB Fred Jackson (47 carries, 303 yards, 3 TDs). The Bills average 155 rushing yards and 37.7 points per game. Gaudy. Just gaudy. Used in a sentence: Wow. Just wow.

I love a good turn-around story like the Bills, but not when they are on my team’s schedule. The Patriots are on the Redskins schedule in December as part of the brutal five-week stretch to close out the season. In addition to the Pats, opponents include the Jets at home and away games against the Eagles and Giants.

Washington plays Minnesota at home. That could be dicey depending on whether or not Donovan McNabb is starting ar quarterback. The ‘Skins don’t show well against really disgruntled former employees. 

Derrick Dockery OUT for Redskins

Former Redskins and all around good guy Derrick Dockery will not play for the Cowboys tonight after suffering a sprained MCL in his right knee and fractured tibia, injuries suffered in last week’s San Francisco game. He is disappointed about missing the Redskins game. every player wants to do well when facing their old team. We saw that with Barry Cofield and the Giants and Tim Hightower and the Cardinals. I will feel badly for Doc…next week.