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My Bookie Loves The Redskins

Bloggers are indebted to stat sites like PredictionMachine.com and FootballOutsiders.com for their analysis about teams, both our own and opponents.

Sports books are another source for information nuggets. Bodog.com is among the sports book sites that provide analysis of teams and upcoming games. And they are kind enough to send me stuff from time to time, and no, I don’t mean gambling tips.

I thought Bodog’s write-up about Redskins-Giants was worth passing on.

The Redskins were good for the house, says Bodog, because so much of the betting public expected the New York Giants to cover the five point by which they were favored. (Final score – Giants 17, Redskins 14) The Oakland Raiders were the other team that was kind to sports books as two-thirds of the betting public backed the Kansas City Chiefs.  (Raiders 31, Chiefs 10).

Here’s Bodog’s write-up about ‘Skins-Giants:

“The book’s best overall result of Week 17, however, came in the New York Giants-Washington Redskins game. The NFL made the smart move of making sure all games that involved intertwined playoff scenarios were played at the same time to ensure each team gave full effort. The Giants-Redskins game was one of those, as New York had to win and hope that Green Bay fell at home to Chicago – Bears-Packers thus went off at the same time as the Giants game. Bettors clearly expected a focused New York Giants and a disinterested Washington team as there was a better than 82 percent lean on the Giants -5. That was the biggest lean on the side for any game last week. Thus New York’s 17-14 victory was a great result for the book. The Giants missed out on the playoffs when Green Bay won. Thus the Giants and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first pair of 10-win teams to miss the playoffs in the same season since the Eagles and 49ers sat out the second season in 1991.”

Read the full story at SBRForum.com.

Football Outsiders rated Rex Grossman as the eighth best  QB performance for Week 17:

” Grossman was strip-sacked twice by the incredible Osi Umenyiora, who finished the year with an NFL-record ten forced fumbles. He also had one of the nicer drives you’ll see in the second quarter, though, completing four consecutive passes for between 16 and 23 yards before finishing with a one-yard throw to Fred Davis.”

(We graded Grossman with a C for his performance.)

The Redskins finished 2010 ranked 27th on Football Outsiders DVOA ranking.

Go take a look. We’ll be here when you get back.