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No short-term fixes for the Redskins, and no surprises either

Redskins fans have mood swings that make PMS seem stable in comparison.  One day, we are ready to fire everyone for this mess.  The next day "really, if we beat the Eagles and the Cowboys over the next 2 weeks we could be in it again?"

I have to admit, the lure of this thought is like a giant suction valve for me too trying to pull me under the bus.
The reality is that the Redskins still aint fixed.   Leonard Hankerson is still going to be dropping balls (especially the long passes), Polumbus is still going to let defensive tackles hammer RG3, the secondary is still going to give up big plays and tons of small ones, Fletcher still is too short to cover today's giant tight ends, there still will be no pass rush, Shanahan is still going to run stupid 3rd down plays, and the coaches will still be way too slow to react and properly adjust.
Brandon Banks, Redskins
I mean the fact that Banks is still on the team given his horrific performance this year just shows how slow the coaches react.  On the other hand, rookies and second year players will get better – over the next 2 years.  NOT over the bye week.  And they wont get better with this coaching staff that is enamored by fancy play calls and formations over developing players in the fundamentals of catching, running routes, blocking, tackling, and covering receivers.
The Redskins need to drop the football nerd coaching staff and find a staff that can train a team in the fundamentals day in and day out, execute basic plays well over exotic plays executed poorly and fire them up with motivational impassioned speech.  They need 3-4 years to get past the dual salary cap/no first round draft pick cap.
Now they we have that out of our system, let's hope they do kick the stuffing out of the Eagles and the Cowboys.  But let's not be surprised if they don't.
Image: November 12, 2011 – Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America via zimbio.com.
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