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Nothing Left But Sarcasm for Redskins After Giant 31-7 Beatdown
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Ah, the tweets you can tweet on those hand-held thingies.

There’s a cliché about laughing to keep from crying. Gallows humor is as old as the French Revolution. With Twitter and PDAs, we get to see it as the authors tweet it. Today’s Redskins – Giants game was so bad that the Washington sports media resorted to sarcasm to describe it.

LarryWeisman Redskins Blitz

McNabb throws a deathball in the end zone to Terrell Thomas, theoretically intended for Santana Moss.

@HomerMcFanboyHomer McFanboy

I might just head to #Giants locker room after the game to interview Devin Thomas. At least he showedup today.

@riggo44John Riggins

Let’s see what John Beck’s got, can’t hurt, then again they’d have to factor in Rex’s feelings

@riggo44John Riggins

I think my afternoon would be better served in a tree stand looking for Old Diablo.

LarryWeisman Redskins Blitz

Strip by Tuck, recovery by Rolle? Isn’t that an old gymnastics move — the Tuck and Rolle?

skinscast Skinscast

#Redskins showing great discipline in not going to the hurry-up. After all, they don’t want #Giants to think they are desperate…

RedskinsInsider Redskins Insider

Who appears to be the better player: Stephon Heyer or Osi Umenyiora?

Rich_Campbell Rich Campbell

Devin Thomas with the blocked punt. DAGGER!!

CindyBoren Cindy Boren

Gack, blecch and oof. Devin Thomas. Sheesh.

skinscast Skinscast

Is that bad? RT @Russellmania09: That’s a false start and two sacks allowed by Heyer….

HomerMcFanboy Homer McFanboy

Haynesworth is walking to locker room. Guess he’s had enough.

HogsHaven Hogs Haven

who’s to say we woulda picked a winner? RT “@Chris Mottran: I want our second round pick back now pleeease.”

CindyBoren Cindy Boren

Said perfectly. RT @raczilla: Oh man McNabb just pulled an Eli

redskinsblog Redskins Matt Terl

Giants have become so bored with this game that they’re now punting to Brandon Banks just to keep things lively.

HogsHaven Hogs Haven

If there’s any good news in thls I bet $200 on Giants to cover

Twitter was the big technology wave this season from training camp. We saw tweets about who was running practice plays. “I’m talkin’ about practice.” Never have I seen the writers paid to report on the team give vent to their feelings as they did today. Not that I was immune.

SkinsHogHeaven Anthony Brown

The over on this game was 43. The under looks safe, unless G’ints get 2 more TDs and a score.

SkinsHogHeaven Anthony Brown

Manningham. As long as D.Thomas doesnt get a pass. A scoring TD by him would kill me

That’s just a sample. Most of those comments came in the second half of a game that got away from Washington from the start.

I can’t image what these folks will write about the team tomorrow. Or rather, I can’t imagine too many positives written about the team tomorrow. There is one. Congratulations and thank you, Chris Cooley, for your 400th career reception.

Here’s another. We can end all pretenses that the Redskins are a playoff caliber team. The Redskins are too top heavy with talent and not enough talent in the middle of the roster. The ‘Skins are a different team when Clinton Portis, LaRon Landry, Carlos Rogers…and Albert Haynesworth are not on the field.

The Giants played without two starting wide receivers and two starting linemen and still put up 31 points.

We are more than a quarterback away from a championship run.

I believe in Mike Shanahan. What choice do I have? So I believe he has a plan. I hope to hear more about it over the next few weeks. I hope he can execute it without interference.  The two words I never want to hear in reference to that plan – win now. Choices made to win now just put us further behind.

There’s but one thing left to say. HAIL!

Points after: initial stories pre game was that Albert Haynesworth was ill and would miss the game. Haynesworth says he was “a minute” late to a team meeting Friday and was pulled from the line-up. There has to be more to it than that.  Drama alert!

My prediction with Ultimate NYG for this game was that the Redskins would keep it close (at least) with the game in doubt until late in the fourth quarter. The actual game was the complete opposite. I have confidence that Shanahan can turn things around, but I hope someone explains to him that this ain’t no sissy AFC West. We play Beastball around here. Whatever the scheme, we run the ball and play slobber-knocker defense to win in December. Whoever he brings in next season better be able to do that.

The loss to the Giants does not change my prediction of an 8-8 season for Washington. The way they lost might. The teams remaining on the schedule are Tampa Bay, Dallas, Jacksonville and the Gi’nts again. The Buccaneers and Jaguars once looked like they could be had, but both teams have seven wins going into this weekend are fighting for playoff spots. The Cowboys are more effective since Wade Phillips was fired. It’s the first time I’ve seen that move (dumping a coach in-season) work. You have to wonder where ‘Skins players heads will be when they next face New York at FedEx Field.

Not looking good for the Redskins take three of the next four games to finish with eight wins. But personal effort to change the likely outcome is what sports is all about. We’ll just have to see.

Maybe what Washington needs is a play-calling consultant. Oops. Sarcasm. There I go again.