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Nothing to offer Jerry Rice, Jr. except ‘Good Luck’ with the Redskins

No one, thankfully, is making a big deal about Jerry Rice, Jr. joining the Redskins. The young man needs a dose of anonymity in pursuit of his dream. In preseason, Hog Heaven is willing to give it to him…

…away from, you know, the long shadow of Rice Sr.

By now, even Daniel Snyder knows you don’t build champions on name value. (The fact that Snyder hired a coach named “Gruden” has nothing to do with the point.)

Junior is not Senior. Unless something miraculous happens between now and September, don’t count on Rice cracking the practice squad. But, I love his persistence.

Rice, Jr.’s college record is marginally better than my own.

I did not play college football.

In three seasons (UCLA, UNLV), Rice, Jr. recorded 19 receptions on 19 plays from scrimmage. (I had to read that twice.) He scored one touchdown.

Rice Daddy would do that much in a game.

For comparison, Notre Dame’s Davaris Daniels, son of former Redskins DE Phillip Daniels, caught 49 passes for 7 TDs last year.

But 19 receptions on 19 plays is nothing to sneeze at. The 100 percent catch rate did not draw a sniff from NFL clubs.

The NFL did not invite Rice, Jr. to the Combine. He worked out for the Ravens and 49ers before Washington signed him. You figure that Dad opened doors. Who could say “no” to THE Jerry Rice? Not Dan Snyder.

Teams take preseason flyers on players. I did not expect the Redskins to do so on a 5-10 receiver with light credentials when every NFC BEast CB but Orlando Scandrick is 6-0 or 6-1. Shorty Scandrick stretches to 5-10.

We see the Redskins scouring the sandlot for DBs, not wideouts.

Unless…Junior returns punts better than Brandon Banks did. In that case, Rice, Jr. is worth a look.

Good luck, Jerry, Jr. Pursue your dream.

AUG 4 ’14 UPDATE: Rice Jr. tore his labrum in his left shoulder and needs to have surgery. The Redskins waived him. He can go on injured reserve if he’s unclaimed off waivers, but I don’t see why the Redskins, or any team, would do that.