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Odds are that Redskins’ Robert Griffin III will….

Robert Griffin III Madden 13The gambling sharps like Robert Griffin III, but they like others a little bit more.

Odds that Griffin III will win the 2012 NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award are 50/1. That puts him ahead of Larry Fitzgerald (75/1) and Tim Tebow (100/1), but behind every other NFC East quarterback. Michael Vick has the highest odds (10/1) of any of the Beast QBs to be named MVP.

No other Redskins player won betting support for the MVP Award.

Odds that RG3 will win the 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award are 9/2. Top draft pick Andrew Luck is the betting favorite (5/2) to win the award.

The smart money is not very impressed by Washington’s roster, are they? Dallas Cowboys rookie Morris Claiborne is 6/2 odds to win Defensive Rookie of the Year. Claiborne missed a good part of the offseason and training camp because of a knee injury. He missed Monday’s preseason opener against the Raiders, but expects to play Saturday evening against the Chargers. We just shake our head.

Odds provided by www.Bovada.lv via sports publicist Jimmy Shapiro.

Redskins fans are used to this. There is not much respect from gamblers or NFL players for roster talent around here. This year, players were decent enough to elect an active remaining player, London Fletcher, to the Top 100 Players of 2012 list. They elected Donovan McNabb as the 100th best player on the 2011 list. The door at Redskins Park was closing on D.Mac when that list was published.

Prospects are brighter today. Hog Heaven predicts that five Redskins will be voted to the 2013 list. They are:

  1. London Fletcher
  2. Brian Orakpo
  3. Ryan Kerrigan
  4. Trent Williams
  5. Robert Griffin III

This makes for an intesting lead into the next section. 

Redskins in Madden-land

EA Sports releases Madden 13 on August 28, but the demo version featuring the 2012 Washington Redskins dropped yesterday. Redskins.com listed the overall ratings for every Redskins player. Here are the five highest rated Redskins and their Madden ratings:

  1. ROLB Brian Orakpo – 91
  2. MLB London Fletcher – 91
  3. LT Trent Williams – 87
  4. LOLB Ryan Kerrigan – 86
  5. CB DeAngelo Hall – 86

Madden is more than a simple video game. It is a game simulator that projects and ranks the play styles of every athlete in the league. Madden assigned an overall rating of 83 to QB Robert Griffin III, highest of any quarterback on Washington’s roster.

Chris Neild, who suffered an ACL injury and is lost for the season, carried a Madden overall rating of 69. Barry Cofield has the highest Madden rating (83) among Redskins defensive tackles.

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