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Peace at the end of the 5 stages of Redskins grief.

sad Redskins fans

In the end, we become numb to it all. The Cowboys are the Grinch who stole Christmas. They just sucked Hog Heaven's will to write anything about the game. I've heard from enough friends and readers to know they didn't want to read much about it either. 


Redskins fans won't look toward next training camp like the did they last one. Training camp 2013 couldn't open fast enough. Now the team contends with the real r-word. Rebuild.

Hog Heaven is just emerging from Stage 4 of the five stages of grief over the season. Where are you on this scale?

Stage 1: DENIAL – This can't be happening. The Redskins will get this fixed like RG said they would, because RG said so. It must be so. The savior of Redskins football can never be wrong. Never. Or benched. Ever.

Stage 2: ANGER – Fire Haslett. Fire Kyle. Fire Keith Burns. Re-hire Danny Smith and then fire him, too. With talent like this, some one is betraying the team. Persecute the innocent. Execute the guilty until we get some wins around here.


Stage 3: BARGAINING – Maybe it's OK for RG to run more because that's what made things work last year. Or, maybe he should run less and throw the ball to Jordan Reed more. Where is Reed anyway? Can't the Redskins trainers keep that guy healthy? Maybe if we fired the trainers right after we fire the coaches, the new trainers will keep players healthy.

Stage 4: DEPRESSION – The Raiders and the Jaguars have more wins than the Redskins. THE RAIDERS. THE JAGUARS. I no longer care who wins Cowboys at Eagles. Redskins at Giants satisfies my curiosity. Nothing more.


Stage 5: ACCEPTANCE – By now, even Mike Shanahan accepts what's going to happen Monday morning, if he doesn't know already. Jim Zorn knew mid-season 2009 that he was going to be fired. He won four games. Coach Mike has a chance to duplicate that. Take your positives where you find them.


The shame of it all?

I think Mike Shanahan could have saved his job, perhaps getting a one year extension so that he could recruit new coordinators and sign them to two-year deals. Yes, Redskins fans, swapping out coaches isn't nearly the quick fix people think it is. The good ones won't move their families here for a one-year deal.

Explosive rumors about players and coaches that seemed like insiders lashing out poisoned the well for Shanahan. Even if he didn't start those rumors, he was blamed for them. The NCAA would call it lack of institutional oversight. 

It's a moot point now. I read football writers whom I respect say that with a new coach and a new scheme, the Redskins could be in the playoff hunt next year with this year's talent.

Wishful thinking. There's too much of that around here already.

Time for some clear-headed analysis following a strategic plan.

Time for that next week. I need more time for grief.

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