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PFF Grades the Redskins’ Day One Free Agent signings and it’s worse than you think

Here is Hog Heaven’s one word description of Pro Football Focus’ assessment of the Redskins’ day one free agent moves:


The deletions in the Redskins McClueless plan (See what I did there?) so far outweigh the additions. We need to see more to make a balanced assessment, but there are hints.

PFF published Grading Every Deal of 2017 NFL Free Agency by senior analyst Sam Monson today. We give you to Cliff Notes version of Monson’s assessment for players of interest to Redskins fans.


DL Chris Baker to Buccaneers

Grade: A

Three years, $15.8 million, $9 million guaranteed

Key sentence: “[Swaggy] tweeted that Washington didn’t want him, but the Buccaneers—at that price—have secured themselves a bargain.”


WR Pierre Garcon to 49ers

Grade A

Five years, $47.5 million, $17 million guaranteed

Key Sentence: “He finished 2016 as PFF’s eighth-graded WR (85.8) and dropped just one of the 80 catchable passes sent his way.”


WR DeSean Jackson to Buccaneers

Three years, $35 million, $20 million guaranteed

Grade B

Key Sentence: “Being a deep threat in this league will always get you paid, and DeSean Jackson remains a player capable of taking the top off a defense, which fits well with Mike Evans in Tampa Bay.”



S D.J. Swearinger to Redskins

Three years, $13.5 million

Grade: B

Key Sentence: “The D.J. Swearinger in Arizona was a different player than the one at the heart of every Houston coverage bust in his previous home.”


DL Stacy McGee to Redskins

Five years, $25 million, $9 million guaranteed

Grade: C

Key Sentence: “Stacy McGee had the best season of his career in 2016, but it was a radical departure to three mediocre-at-best years before that, and it lasted just 242 snaps before injury shut him down.”


TE Vernon Davis re-signs with the Redskins

Three years, $15 million, $7.5 million guaranteed

Grade: D

Key sentence: “2016 saw Vernon Davis rediscover something of a spark in the passing game, but his run blocking was ugly, receiving the worst PFF grade of his career in that area.”


DI Terrell McClain to Washington Redskins

Four years, $21 million, $11 million guaranteed

Grade: D

Key Sentence: “He flashed the ability to be an intriguing sub-package disruptor for Dallas in 2016, but that is a lot of money for a player that has only flashed talent at best in his NFL career.”


Hog Heaven is not happy.

We expected Jackson to leave, but not Garcon or Baker.

Some of you gagged when Hog Heaven speculated a Redskins interest in Terrelle Pryor. Pryor indeed visited Redskins Park today

and left without a contract. He’s looking for a $12+ million deal. Scroll up and look at the contracts given to Garcon and Jackson.

UPDATE: The Redskins signed Terrelle Pryor to a one-year deal.

Homeboy Vernon Davis is a sentimental choice for local fans. We’ll overlook that his deal is richer than deserved because local connections are part of team allegiance.

None of the other signees have that “problem solved” appeal.

Read the full story on profootballfocus.com; follow the link here.

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