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Plaid polyester pants and Mike Shanahan: Top 10 reasons the Redskins lost the season.

Happy Birthday, D.Hall
The Redskins have six games left.
That translates to another 90 bone crushing hits on RG3 (average of 15 per game).  From that perspective, the season has plenty of impacts left.
DeAngelo Hall is wondering why they are not winning.  Here are the answers. 
The Top 10 reasons the Redskins lost this season are:
1) The Offensive Line is horrible.  No more under 300 pound linemen.  Zone blocking is great for running, becoming outdated for passing.  They should like at a hybrid approach and start drafting bigger linemen.
2)  The Defensive Line is horrible.
3)  RG3 is a one read QB at this point.
4)  Kyle Shanahan is a bad offensive coordinator with predictable play calling.  He's not as bad as his water boy QB and Wide Receiver coaches.  It does not bode well for Kyle that his old offense in Houston is choking now as well in the new NFL.
5)  Mike Shanahan is old school in a new school NFL.  He was never good at putting together a good defensive team even in the old NFL.  Yes, he might as well be wearing plaid polyester pants.  His winning formula of great QB and a ground & pound RB is not enough to win on a consistent basis.  It's nice, but too simplistic for today's NFL.  His leadership abilities are questionable.
6)  The defensive line, linebacker and special teams coaches are bad.
7)  London Fletcher is a HUGE liability for the Redskins.  Great guy though.  Too bad you can't have a defense without a fully functioning middle linebacker.
8) Haslett's defensive play calling is too weak.
9)  None of the players seem to be reaching their potential.  Aldrick Robinson is a bit actor WR while the Colts have turned his virtual twin, TY Hilton, into a superstar.  Niles Paul corrected his dropped ball problem and dramatically improved his blocking yet he's not called on plays to use his speed.  Fred Davis is inactive.  Everyone is off mentally.  The only players that seem to be reaching their potential are Alfred Morris, Jordan Reed and perhaps Roy Helu, Jr.  Garcon is putting up good numbers but does not have a single long reception in the air (so he's up to his potential in blocking and YAC, but not in bombs).
10) None of the players or coaches were connected to reality, at least until now.  Quotes earlier THIS YEAR included Garcon saying this would be the best offense in NFL history, the Redskins defense saying they would be a top 5 or top 10 defense (top 30 defense would be nice at this point), Orakpo saying he'll be defensive player of the year.  I started having my doubts about this year when the story came out about LeRibeus coming into mini-camp totally out of shape.  That spoke volumes about the coaching since that was the knock on him in the draft.  It's ironic that DC is home of politicians that are often out of touch and now the DC football team has a coaching staff that is a bit out of touch.
I did not include the secondary in this top 10, because they are better than most people think.  They do quite well considering there is no pass rush, poor tackling from the front 7 and they have to pick up the slack for London Fletcher on tight ends.
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