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Redskins 2013 preseason finale players guide

Here are the Redskins players to watch closely in tonight's last preseason game against the Buccaneers:


Redskins safety Jose Gumbs

Jose Gumbs trains like a beast

No Way Jose am I training camp fodder Gumbs   –  This strong safety's numbers jump off the page – incredible speed, vertical, strength.  He hits like a Mac Truck and is always near the ball.  I believe he is also still eligible for the Practice Squad.  His performance this game will determine a roster spot beating out DeJon doesn't cut the mustard Gomes (the defensive player fans bash on the most) or a Practice Squad spot.

Darryl This is Spinal Tapp  –  Tapp is a lock on the roster.  Everyone had thought he was a roster lock already for the first 4 games only to be released when Rob Jackson returns from his suspension.  No chance. Tapp has been the defensive player MVP of the preseason.  The more likely scenario now is that Rex Grossman gets released after the bye if RG3 and Cousins look healthy.  Watch for Tapp just to continue to improve and dominate as he learns the defense.  He is the hardest hitter on the team right now.  The Redskins defense sorely needs very heavy hitters.

Nick Barnett (send in a good nickname if you've got one)  –  a good linebacker who is still a bit clueless as to the Redskins defensive scheme.  He needs to show a lot of progress or it's time to worry about the season opener.

Chase them off the Minnifield – If he shows yet more improvement, he could push Josh Wilson as a starter for game 1. He's much more physical and much better against the run than Wilson is.  He looks better on coverage given Wilson's abysmal showing last game.  Wilson needs more time to heal, assuming he isn't cut.

David Amerson – Ditto for Amerson.  He could push to start for game 1.

Phillip Merling the magician – Can the big guy continue to dominate on the line?  He could be tested to see if he has the stamina to play against the no-huddle Eagles.  He's on the roster bubble, but big enough to pop it.


Redskins rookie running back Chris Thompson

Chris Starbursts aren't sticking the ball to my hands Thompson –  The coaches love this guy even with his uncharacteristic fumbles.  For a guy just coming off a bad knee injury, he looks very good.  Look for his ball security and look for monster punt/kickoff returns if the Redskins can get their poor special teams blocking in order.

Jordan Reed – Look for improvement here.  He should break a 25 yarder and continue to improve his blocking.  He's a roster lock, he's just playing to be active or inactive by Game 1 against the Eagles at this point.

Jawan Jamison/ Lance Lewis – Look for these guys not to be found.  It's seems the Redskins are trying to hide their talent to stash them on the Practice Squad.

Pat White – Look for GM Allen to be on his cell phone trying to trade Pat White for a 7th rounder after every good Pat White play.  Ditto for Evan Roster.

Tom Compton/Tony Pashos – no matter what religious faith you are if you are a Redskins fan, it's time to pray for these guys to really breakout this game and put Polumbus where he belongs – as a great Offensive Line backup.  Unfortunately, Pashos footwork is taking a bit longer than hoped to get back up to par.  His bear sized paws are among the best on the line.

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