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Redskins’ 2014 opponents by Power Ranking, not the look of a 4th place schedule

The Redskins went 10-6 the last time they played a division fourth-place schedule. The 2014 schedule does not have the look of a fourth-place schedule with the NFC West on the calendar. NFC East rivals are well placed on the power curve, too.

The Redskins play the Vikings for the fifth consecutive year. The pair are so lock stepped that they could be division rivals.

The Buccaneers and Falcons tied for last in the NFC South. We drew the Bucs instead of the Falcons and that may be a blessing. Three-win teams need all the help they can get.

The Redskins will prove themselves better than their 2013 record. With doubts about the O-line and suspicions about the defense, Hog Heaven will not call this team “great.” Artificial factors sank last year’s Redskins. Fifty percent of those factors are gone.

Paul Bessire ranks the Redskins 12th in his Prediction Machine preseason power poll and that got us thinking. How powerful are Redskins 2014 opponents? Here is the power rank of ‘Skins’ opponents.

2 Seahawks The rematch of the January 2013 playoff game. Redskins fans are waiting for this one.
4 49ers Tough out
7 Cardinals There was a time the Redskins owned the Cards. There are no certainties about this game in Glendale.
8 Eagles Are the Iggles for real? Undoubtedly. Will they sweep the ‘Skins? Likely, but not certain. Nick Foles is the healthiest QB in the division.
9 Giants What do you do when your QB throws 27 picks and is sacked 39 times? Fire the OC and teach Eli Manning the Coryell System.
10 Colts Would Mike Shanahan still be in Washington if Indianapolis picked RGIII instead of Andrew Luck?
12 Redskins This is a higher rank than most pundits have for the Redskins.
14 Vikings Norv Turner! We meet again and that ain’t good.
16 Rams Countless, annoying reminders of all the players the Rams got for the RGIII trade.
20 Texans Trap
22 Buccaneers Greg Schiano is more proof that you do not coach men like college kids.
26 Cowboys Jerry blew his salary cap to buy a team to win the 2011 Super Bowl at Jerryworld. He is still in cap hell.
27 Titans Trap
32 Jaguars To go by the Draft, Blake Bortles is better than Johnny Football. We shall be the second team to find out.