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Redskins 2014 Training Camp Day 1: RGIII’s “green light” and Maurice “Hurt”

Designed runs for Robert Griffin III will be rare in the Jay Gruden offense, but RG will “have the green light to scramble as often as the situation dictates.”

Um, Okay. That sounds like a lot of things the Shanahan said about RG. Why would you not want to see him run…sometimes. Hog Heaven hopes to see RG rush for no more than 60 attempts and throw no less than 30 TD passes. HEY! A 2:1 ratio of rushing attempts to TD passes is a new benchmark for RG’s performance.

Steve Wyche reported on the NFL Network this morning that DeSean Jackson lined up with punt returners.

Not going to be a regular thing.

Jason Hatcher, Stephen Bowen, Leonard Hankerson and Maurice Hurt open training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. Redskins’ analyst Rich Tandler speculates that Hurt, now living down his name, will not make the team.

Hankerson has not shown enough to make the team either. Age is the best argument for keeping Hank and Aldrick Robinson on Washington’s improved receiver corps. The ‘Skins have a bevy of rookies and younger players to look at. If any two of them show something, I figure Hankerson and Robinson are toast.

Former Redskins DB Fred Smoot loves Robert Griffin III, but is not impressed by his “RGIII” persona. Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson are focusing on their trade of NFL quarterbacking, while Griffin is making commercials.

Guess “making commercials” on your own time is an allegory for not making football the priority. Griffin has the talent to do both both. If his 2014 performance is no better than his 2013 performance, everyone will point back to his self-promotion as THE reason he failed.

As if in response, Griffin told sport talk radio, “If you win a Super Bowl, you can do whatever you want. If you’re not winning, you can’t do anything, but that’s not how you gotta live your life. … When you have opportunities to do things that are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, you do it.”

Good point. Smoot is no stranger to self-promotion and controversy. He never had the natural following that RG has. It comes his way, whether he wants it to or not. Griffin will suffer these shots until he wins a Super Bowl.

The Redskins tweeted a cool image of Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson standing next to each other on the sideline.

This just makes me feel good.

The granddaughter of Redskins founder George Preston Marshall came out against the team name and The POST gave it major play in today’s print edition.

Jordan Wright, the granddaughter, dropped one nugget in the story. Marshall had been warned by Southern TV broadcasters that the Redskins would lose airtime if he integrated the team. She was silent on whether racism was the reason Marshall called the team “The Redskins®” because, you know, Marshall’s views of black people did not reflect how he viewed red people whom he admired.

Politico.com reported that 65 percent of NFL fans in the DC area did not want to see the Redskins’ name changed.

DC area “NFL fans?” C’mon. I wonder if the result  came as a surprise to left-leaning Politico, no friend of keeping the name.

Someone is selling “I support the Name” buttons on Etsy.com and promising to donate the proceeds to the Washington Redskins Original American Foundation at the end of the season.

This does not appear to be a team-endorsed effort. I ordered one anyway.

DeAngelo Hall says things will be different this year with the “real” Haslett defense.

PLEASE let that be true.

Skip Bayless thinks the Redskins will win the NFC East.

Oh my gawd! When Bayless agrees with me, I look for flaws in my thinking.