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Redskins add defensive depth with Torrence, Golston and M. Williams

Leigh TorrenceCornerback Leigh Torrence returns to the Redskins after a three-year absence, Washington announced Monday. Torrence (30) appeared in 25 games for the Redskins in the 2006 through late in the 2008 season. The team released him as they became more infatuated with DeAngelo Hall.

Torrence joined the Saints, reuniting with Gregg Williams. Torrence is one of the few players who played for Williams on both the Redskins and the Saints. Pierson Prioleau is another. How long before some intrepid sportswriter asks Torrence to compare Williams in Washington and in New Orleans? Was the man always like that or did he change?

Those are questions Torrence need answer. He probably should not.

Speaking of Prioleau, his coaching future is in a shamble. I figured him for a future acorn on the Gregg Williams coaching tree. He was always described as a player-coach and has been linked with Williams since 2001. A career jump to coaching seemed natural.

Williams is toxic now. Anyone associated with him is tainted. Too bad. Prioleau is still a good coach prospect. He might have to wait awhile for his shot.

Safety Madieu Williams agreed to terms with the Redskins. Williams (30) was a back-up with the 49ers last season and figures to play the same role with the ‘Skins. Washington signed Brandon Meriweather early this offseason. Meriweather is a two-time Pro Bowler who Chicago let walk for some reason…that we are likely to see during the season.

The Redskins have a hole in the secondary where LaRon Landry used to roam. Both Williams and Meriweather are step-downs from a healthy Landry. So is Landry for that matter, with his prolonged recovery from his Achilles injury.

What a statement. Neither Meriweather nor Williams are as good as the Landry of the past, but better than Landry is today. 

The Redskins re-signed Kedric Golston, one of their own unrestricted free agents. He returns for his career seventh season, all of it in Washington. Golston, a defensive end, saw an expanded role in Washington’s rotation after rookie Jarvis Jenkins suffered a season-ending ACL injury in the 2011 preseason. Jenkins drew rave reviews in training camp. He is said to be recovered from his injury. Jenkins tweeted yesterday that he has been cleared to practice with the team.