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Redskins: Alex Spanos taught me how much I love Daniel Snyder

“Love” might be too strong a word.

Watching Alex Spanos divorce Chargers fans in his flight to LA should remind us of the two things Daniel Snyder will never do.

He will never change the team name.

He will never move the team.

Man love for Snyder is not the same as trust. Hog Heaven shudders at the thought that Snyder might insert himself as owner in on field football decisions.

Cleveland’s Jimmy Haslam draws all the attention for football incompetence at the top, while Snyder recedes deep in the background in Washington.

Fifteen years is the magic number. In my informal study of careers of NFL general managers, 15 years on a career track of scouting or contracts prepares a person to run football operations. And no, coaching does not provide the career skills to be an NFL GM.

Snyder enters his 17th season of active management of the Redskins. He hired a true general manager two years ago. The Redskins’ salary cap has been intelligently managed since Bruce Allen’s arrival. The team even had cap space when the league stole $36 million of it (which was a contributing factor in the disastrous 2013 – ’14 seasons).

He’s not perfect, but he is on schedule. Snyder is running a better shop now than he was even five years ago. As long as he lives, there will always be a Redskins team in the Greater Washington metropolitan area.

I love it.