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Redskins at Ravens: ouch

That was painful.  Now the sky falls.

Hard to see the Redskins NOT going 0-3 to start this season.  This O-line doesn’t stand a chance against Watt and Clowney.  Then they will be shocked by how good the Jaguars have become.  No chance to beat the Eagles – they are not in the same stratosphere and the defense will be winded from being on the field all the time.

The Redskins defense looks great, except against the hurry up offense, which is precisely what their main competitor the Eagles run non-stop.

Then the real test for Gruden and RG3 begins facing a probable 5-11 season.

As I stated earlier, re-hiring the offensive line coach Foerster may come back and haunt Gruden like no other decision this off season.  RG3 needed an above average O-line to build confidence and grow.  He’ll get a severely weak one that is easily exploited and have no time to build confidence.  Then Gruden and RG3 will likely have to resort to RG3 running a lot again, and by that time, exasperated fans will no longer be paranoid about an RG3 injury.

This is one scenario of how this season will pan out.  Let’s hope for a miracle on the O-line and RG3’s development.