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Redskins at Ravens was empty calories for fans. We’ll take it for now.

Well, it was a football game. We saw guys in burgundy jerseys on the field and it was not a replay of the 1980s golden age.

Yes, it occurred to me that those golden pants do look dated now. The Redskins play in 1970s throwback uniforms every week—a visible reminder of my current beef with team owner Dan Snyder.

Mr. Snyder looks to the past to recreate the glory years cooked up by dead owners Edward Bennett Williams and Jack Kent Cooke. Even the suggested design of a new stadium is a vague throwback to old RFK, the stadium of Snyder’s boyhood dreams.

Have you seen those new stadiums in Atlanta and Minneapolis, Mr. Snyder? Please give us a 21st Century stadium to cement your own legacy.

As for last night’s 23-3 loss to the Ravens….

Only one team was prepared to play. It was not the Redskins. Don’t gloss it over as merely an exhibition game. Performance counts more than scores in preseason. The Redskins delivered neither.

That’s squarely on the coaching staff. We can do better, people.

As for the Petitbon stats we mentioned yesterday,

  • The defense forced no turnovers
  • The defense held the Ravens to 33% third-down conversion rate. That would have been great if they hadn’t allowed 14 first downs before forcing the Ravens to a third down attempt. No wonder Baltimore controlled the ball 11 minutes more than we did. Ouch.

The only thing worse was the non-performance of the entire offense.

But it was a real football game. Fans got nothing from it. Players and coaches got video to learn from.

A few fringe players ended their dreams Thursday night.

Moving on.