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Redskins better off with Kai Forbath? Probably not.

UCLA's Kai Forbath wins the 2009 Lou Groza AwardLet the truth be told. Billy Cundiff did not lose a single game for the Redskins.

Washington would have lost to Atlanta 24-20 if Cundiff made that missed field goal. He kicked the game winner against Tampa Bay after choking on three attempts that made the game much too close. If he made the miss against St. Louis, that game would have been tied at the end of regulation. The Rams so dominated the Redskins in the second half, that there is no certainty Washington would have pulled it off in overtime.

Hog Heaven's issue with the whole episode is that it piles error upon error in the thought process that led us here. Cundiff was hired because he was not Graham Gano. Kai Forbath is here because he is not Billy Cundiff. That's no way to run a team.

We are not insiders. We have no idea what poisoned the coaching well for Gano, nor are we advocating for his return. We are shouting that this adventure smells of old-style Snyderrato thinking. Even with Cerrato gone and Mr. Snyder (allegedly) in the deep background, this player churn happened in the part of the coaching staff that's a holdover from unhappier times.

Hog Heaven wishes Mr. Forbath every success. If he doesn't work out, however, Washington should boot the picker before it boots the kicker.

You are playing for Danny Smith's job, Kai. No pressure.

Image: December 9, 2009 – UCLA's Kai Forbath with the Lou Groza Award Trophy, Doug Benc/Getty Images North America from zimbio.com.

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