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Redskins Can Scratch Darren Sproles From List
Washington Redskins v San Diego Chargers


Perhaps the Washington Redskins should have kept their interest in potential free agent running back Darren Sproles quiet. The San Diego Chargers had second thoughts about allowing the jitterbug running back to become a free agent. So they tendered him a $7 million contract that will cost another team a first and third round draft picks to sign him.

We know player’s agents will drop the name “Dan Snyder” when angling for a pay raise for their clients. But when the Redskins have a real interest in a free agent, they won’t let the clock slip past 12:01 A.M. to sign their guy.

Now, it could be that Norv Turner just wanted to spite Snyder, his former boss. But it’s more likely that the Chargers remembered what happened when they let Michael Turner walk out the door in 2008.

Turner “the Burner” rushed for 1699 yards and 17 touchdowns for the Atlanta Falcons who finished 11-5.The Chargers languished at 8-8.

That’s OK, Redskins fans. DE Julius Peppers is still out there and Dannyhan is said to be drooling over him.

Expect big news by the time you wake up tomorrow.