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Quick hits for Falcons at Redskins

I'd call that a good start

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III won honors for Rookie of Week 4 and Rookie of the Month for September. Wow. Just Wow.

Anyone else notice that Griffin does the Catholic Tebow before starting a game and after a score? Former alter boy here. I recognize the signs. 

For all the derision Tim Tebow get for for his public displays, the fact is most pro players and coaches are deeply religious. It's part of the package to excel in the ultimate team sport. Winning in football demands a sense of playing for something greater than yourself. That comes easier for players whose core is Divinely-guided. Most don't put it on public display like Mr. Tebow. Griffins' core might be why he plays so well. He would be the last to say so, I think.

The "me" players don't get that. For all their individual deeds, they don't help their team win titles . It's a bias, but I believe that anyone who wears the number "1" on their jersey is a "me" player. RGIII isn't anything like that. I pray to God he stays that way. 

I'd call that a good start II

Pierre Garçon expects to play against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday. The Redskins cleared WR Aldrick Robinson to play, too.

Garçon has speed (maybe) to stretch the field and undeniable yards after the catch ability. I'm not sure of his hands yet. He hasn't started enough games to tell. Garçon "appeared" in the Buccaneers game. What else do you call it when the No. 1 receiver is targeted once in the whole game?

Fortunately, Garçon made the catch for a 20-yard gain. Light duty is evidence Garçon isn't over his foot injury. It's better news that Robinson is ready to play. The Redskins held him out after that freak pregame collision with S Brandon Meriweather.

The right receiving balance

A gripe I've had since 2006 was that the tight ends were Washington's most reliable receiving threats. I didn't want Chris Cooley to catch fewer ball. I wanted the wide receivers to catch a lot more. The best offenses have wide receivers as top performers (see Falcons, Atlanta).

Washington is finding that balance, though they aren't quite there yet. TE Fred Davis is top receiver in catches and yards, but all of the receiving touchdowns have been scored by wide receivers. Leonard Hankerson trails Davis in catches by two balls. I see Robinson as a better receiver than Hankerson, so it's good that he is back. This Falcons game has "shootout" written all over it.

The wrong tackling balance

Linebackers should be the leading tacklers in the 3-4 defense. The two leading tacklers this season are CB DeAngelo Hall and S Madieu Williams. It's not a good sign that defensive backs are leading tacklers as it may show that offenses are throwing over the linebackers and targeting the DBs. That stat confirms what we see during games.

London Fletcher will end the season as the team's leading tackler. Ryan Kerrigan is the top ranked outside linebacker on Pro Football Focus list. There are no ball-hawking free agent DBs out there. Secondary talent is something Jim Haslett and Raheem Morris just have to cope with. Not a comforting thought with Atlanta in town.

S Brandon Meriwether and CB Cedric Griffin are  OUT for Sunday's game. DeAngelo Hall missed Friday practice with the flu.

Redskins, men in pinkRedskins Breast Cancer Awareness cap

The NFL supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October. In partnership with this initiative, New Era, the official cap of the NFL, has created an exclusive line of pink caps that will be worn by all players, coaches and staff on the sidelines during games throughout the month of October. New Era has also donated women’s hats to every club to be distributed to breast cancer survivors and worn during games throughout National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Sunday marks the first game that Redskins players, coaches and sideline personnel will be wearing these pink caps. These special caps are available for purchase at www.neweracap.com, with a portion of proceeds going to breast cancer awareness charities.    

Griffin in prayer, September 29, 2012 – Source: J. Meric/Getty Images North America via zimbio.com.
New Era Breast Cancer Awareness Cap courtesy DKC Public Relations, New York, NY

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