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Redskins fans watching Lions lose to Seahawks caught thinking, “That should have been us.”

The Redskins missed the playoffs because of the Week 7 loss to the Detroit Lions when the defense could not protect a lead for 65 seconds. Strengthening the defense is Washington’s most critical need. Yet, GM Scot McCloughan drafts for best available talent regardless of need. It will be a happy coincidence if the best talent is also a first-round defensive star.

Watching the Lions play the Seahawks was galling to Redskins fans everywhere. The Redskins could have and should have been in that game.

That Week 7 loss to Detroit is the true point when the ‘Skins missed the playoffs.

Beat the Lions and the ‘Skins make the playoffs even if the rest of the season played out as it did, with a fluke tie against the Bengals and the late season swoon when the team lost four of its last six games.

The Redskins would have finished 9-6-1 with the tie-breaker advantage over Detroit and won the right to get whumped by the Seahawks as the Lions were.

There was no defense (pun intended) of the Redskins’ effort that day.

Oh, the silly stuff disgruntled ‘Skins fans think while watching the Detroit at Seattle Wild Card Round.

Let’s blame Kirk Cousins, shall we?

Kirk was good enough to score the go-ahead touchdown with 65 seconds left in the game, but not good enough to retake the lead with 17 seconds remaining after the defense failed to defend it.

The front office constructed the 2016 Redskins to be a pass-first team that would win close games. Kirk Cousins biggest failing is that he could not carry both the offense and the defense.

“The defense let the team down, with the interior defensive line and defensive backs being the weak spots.” ~ Pro Football Focus: Biggest offseason question for every eliminated NFL team.

PFF thinks the 2017 Draft is rich in defense talent that could entice McCloughan without being a reach for need. Hog Heaven is a Big Ten fan, so our eyes light up when we read names like DL Malik McDowell and CB Desmond King.

Fans had better hope that the best players on McCloughan’s Draft board are — by coincidence — defensive players.