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Redskins find a sneaky read-option threat in Florida TE Jordan Reed


Florida Gators tight end Jordan Reed
Picture Redskins tight end Jordan Reed receiving a direct snap from center while in motion. He sizes up Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware who is relieved that Robert Griffin III did not take the snap from the pistol formation. Ware closes in to stop Reed's rush attempt, but Reed wings the ball to Roy Helu who finds a seam between the linebackers and secondary. First down.

Reed has done this sort of thing before. He was a swing player as a read-option quarterback and tight end during his redshirt freshman year in Urban Meyer's Florida offense. Meyer's departure and the  coaching change that followed pushed Reed to full-time tight end for the Gators for the next two seasons.

Reed comes to the Redskins as a receiving tight end who is undersized for a blocker. He could put pressure on Niles Paul whose development at tight end has been slow. His presence probably means that fan favorite Chris Cooley is one step closer to the broadcast booth. Starting tight end Fred Davis is working on a soft probation with a one-year contract.

However, it is Reed's possabilities for the read-option that piques Hog Heaven's interest.

The Shanahans are up to something.


With the 85th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Washington Redskins select Florida tight end Jordan Reed – more proof that Mike Shanahan is not drafting to need.


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