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Redskins Football Doomed! Peyton Hillis Beats Michael Vick for Madden 12 Cover

Well, Redskins fans, we failed in our effort to get cosmic forces working in our favor. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Micheal Vick lost the fan vote for the cover of Madden 12 to a guy named Peyton.

No, not Peyton Manning. The winner isn’t even a quarterback. He’s running back Peyton Hillis, from Cleveland, no less.

Hillis was the NFL’s 11th-ranked rusher last season with 1177 yards, 4.4 yard agerage, 11 touchdowns.


Now, Hillis, who is not on Washington’s schedule, has to contend with the Madden Curse and the Redskins have to contend with Vick the old fashioned way.


Vick was gracious in defeat. Tweet from his @MikeVick account:

Mike Vick
I want to personally thanks all my fans and followers who got me to the final 2. Congrats to Peyton Hillis.