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Redskins Game MVP: Giants DB Antrel Rolle

Darrel Young scores

Lucky thing that the Washington Redskins played the New York Giants that one time out of 100 that Antrel Rolle said they would lose to the Redskins.

Actually, Rolle said that the Giants would beat the ‘Skins 99 times out of a 100. After the upset, because nobody expected Washington to sweep New York, Rolle was critical of Giants teammates who sat out practice for a variety of minor injuries.  “My mind-set,” said Rolle to the New York TIMES,  “is if you’re going to go out here and play a game on Sunday, you have to be with your men during the week.”

So who did the Giants listen to last week, Rolle, who offered his 99 percent assurance of a win over the Redskins, or Coach Tom Coughlin, who warned his players not to sleep on Washington?

Evidently, they paid more attention to Rolle. From The TIMES story:

“Perhaps most alarming, Coughlin and several players said the Giants did not have a strong week of preparation, a disturbing admission considering the circumstances. “

Rolle did a better job of misdirecting the Giants than anything that Mike Shanahan could have said. For that, I say thank you and Happy New Year to Mr. Rolle.

I liked the Shanahans’ passive-aggressive game plan for the Redskins—trick plays, deep passes and 40 rushes to 24 pass attempts, including FB Darrel Young’s six-yard “gotcha” score. Is there anything left in the playbook?

It is a risky approach, but I would rather save the high probability plays for the day when the ‘Skins have better top to bottom talent. Teams like Washington should go out swinging.

That trickster Kyle Shanahan dialed up a flea-flicker on Washington’s opening possession…that was picked off by the Giants. Rex Grossman would throw a second interception before the quarter ended. Yet, Grossman finished a 13-play, 82 yard drive with a 20-yard scoring strike to Santana Moss.

Shanahan’s game plan was perfect to go against an unprepared team for a rare Christmas gift for Washington’s fans.


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