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Redskins, Giants have toughest road to the playoffs

The Washington Redskins gained ground on the Eagles and Giants just by staying home last Sunday. To keep gaining ground, Washington has the navigate the second hardest schedule within the Beast to make the playoffs. 

The Giants have the tougher road. They not only play tougher opponents by virtue of their Super Bowl win, but their schedule is back-loaded with games against the Packers, Falcons, Ravens and improving Saints. However, the Giants are the only Beast team with a positive point differential compared to their opponents.

The Cowboys are the opposite of the Giants. Their tough games are already behind them. The Steelers are the lone winning team left on their schedule. Cowboys' opponents have a .397 win percentage and allowed a combined 139 more points than they have scored.

We'll have more on the Eagles, our next opponent, later this week. For now, Hog Heaven will paraphrase Forrest Gump and say, the Eagles are like a box of chocolate. You never know what you are going to get.

You math lovers can check the tables at the end of this story for the details. 

Redskins needed the must-win BYE

The BYE could not have come at a better time for the Washington Redskins. Everyone around here hyperventilated over two tough losses to against the Giants and the Steelers, and a stupid one against the Panthers. 

The Redskins of late have performed exactly like the team we knew them to be – young, with a lot of injured starters. No responsible sportswriter or stat house projected Washington for better than division fourth-place. Even with the failure to finish against the Giants, and the failure to show up against the Panthers, what's changed, really?

The Redskins were always about 2013 and beyond.

And really, Coach Shanny, isn't every game a must-win game? There is no more important must-win game than the next one you play.

Hog Heaven told you last September that no Beast team would win 10 games this year. A glance at the schedule should have told those sports talk radio hosts that. So lets not freak out yet. 

Opponent toughness by Beast team


Eagles 3 6 156 221 The Redskins have never beaten a Mike Vick-led team when Vick played the whole game. Vick is Out Sunday.
Cowboys  4 5 188 204 This game will make or break Thanksgiving.
Giants 6 4 267 216 Another test of "home field advantage." Get your Redskins tickets now.
Ravens 7 2 254 196 When they win, which is often, Ravens fans make the work week miserable for Redskins fans. Toughest opponent since the Steelers.
Browns 2 7 169 211 Don't be fooled. Trap game if ever there was one. When in the Snyder-era have the Redskins beaten a "beatable" team?
Eagles 3 6 156 221 Probably an epic battle for division third place.
Cowboys 4 5 188 204 More fun than ending the season against the Giants.
  .453   1378 1473 -95 point differential, all opponents










And here's the overall opponent record for the rest of the Beast.

Giants 32 23 .582 1373 1282 +91
Eagles 27 37 .421 1550 1572 -22
Cowboys 25 38 .397 1453 1592 -139