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Redskins Hog Heaven Is Awake Now

Like Rip Van Winkle, Redskins Hog Heaven awakes from a long slumber and finds that the world has changed.

Real life get in the way of our blogging passion, so I am three weeks behind on the relaunch Hog Heaven on Bloguin.com. The good news here is that we were missed. I’m both grateful and humble that so many of you wrote to say how much you missed us. 

Most of that is behind me now, so new content should be up three to four times each week during the offseason.

 Just so you know, Redskins Hog Heaven is a passion for Greg Trippiedi and me. Translation: we are bloggers, not journalists. Our deadlines are goals. Life has a way of intruding at the most invenient times.

Being bloggers doesn’t mean that we are given to rants; well, maybe a few. Hog Heaven’s theme has always been thoughtful analysis about the Washington Redskins, the NFL and the sport of football. If we know anything about this team we love, it is to be skeptical of the hype from Redskins Park. Independent thinking is a defense mechanism.

If ever there was a sign of the blurring of distinction between blogger and journalist, it was to hear head coach Mike Shanahan take a question from Rich Tandler, the dean of Redskins bloggers, at his introductory press conference.

 So, who are the deep thinkers at Redskins Hog Heaven?

Anthony Brown is a freelance writer and lifelong Redskin fan. He has first hand memories of Sonny Jurgensen touchdown passes to Bobby Mitchell, Charley Taylor and Angelo Coia.

Anthony has a twenty year background as a sales executive with the world’s largest computer technology company.  He gathered insights from many executives about success and failure in business operatons and applies those lessons to analyze moves by the Redskins. Unfortunately, Anthony saw management blunders by Washington’s front office as the main obsticle to team success in 2009.

Anthony was the author of the Running Redskins blog starting in 2004. He joined Hog Heaven on the Most Valuable Network in 2005. He occasionally seen on the Washington Redskins front page of Bleacherreport.com.   

Greg Trippiedi is a long time contributing editor of Hog Heaven and frequent contributor at The Warpath Redskins forum. He is the talent behind Live Ball Sports.

Greg doesn’t just give you Redskin analysis, he gives you scouting reports after looking at tape of games. His deep dives go beyond the obvious to assess if a play worked or failed because of player execution, teamwork, playcalling or the opposing team.

I’m certain Greg is going to be in some front office somewhere sometime, in which case I hope he gets me tickets. 

Follow Anthony on Twitter @SkinsHogHeaven. Follow Greg @GTrippiedi