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Redskins impatiently wait word on Robert Griffin III’s concussion

Mike Shanahan and Kirk Cousins say that Robert Griffin III looks fine after taking that vicious hit from Sean Weatherspoon in Sunday's loss to the Falcons. Indeed, the man himself tweeted his expectation to be ready for Sunday's game against the Vikings.


Attitudes like that are why the NFL took decisions about concussion out of the hands of coaches and players. Not that the Redskins are about to make biased decisions about RGIII's readiness to play, but such things have been known to happen at all levels of football.

The decision about Griffin III's fitness is in the hands of a neurosurgeon. That's as it should be. There is enough evidence now that my favorite sport is killing my favorite athletes. Coaches and owners who understood little enough about "woozy feelings" were inclined to send concussed player back into games. Players were all too ready to go. It was a test of manhood. Meh – why men have shorter life spans than women.

The NFL's ears perked up when sideline reports about RGIII were that he was shaken up. The team quickly treated Griffin for suspected concussion and he did not reenter the game after the third-quarter hit.

Winning titles has as much to do with depth as with stars. You have to build your roster from the middle as well as the top. Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman back up Griffin. I want the rookie to start, if Griffin can't go.

Practice reports will tell the story on Griffin. Look to see if he practices at any activity level Wednesday, and if he is full go Thursday and Friday.

Gambling touts have made Washington 2.5-point favorites at home against Minnesota if Griffin starts. The 'Skins are one-point favorites if he does not. The smarts think Washington's running game will hold up without RGIII. 

The Snyderskins have the bad habit of playing down to their competition, so I see teams like the Rams, Vikings and Browns as mortal threats. The Redskins knocked Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder out of last year's game at FedEx Field. They lost anyway.