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Redskins in freefall. Rams start eyeing #1 Draft pick in 2014

Confused Redskins fan cheering Packers touchdown

Redskins performance is confusing to their fans, like this guy in the Kerrigan jersey and cheesehead celebrating a Packers touchdown.

For Redskins fans, it's like a really bad hangover.  Somehow the Redskins went from the NFC East favorites to becoming the worst team in the NFL in a matter of two games.

In a nutshell, the Eagles exposed the Redskins weaknesses they have had for more than a year, and they cannot be fixed in one season let alone a few games.  The delusion with which the Redskins coaches and players are talking now is very troubling.  I don't think they grasp what has happened.

The Eagles exposed the book on how to beat the Redskins, every time.  The Packers picked up on those themes and so will the rest of the Redskins' opponents for this year.

How to beat the Redskins

1) Start your offense against the Redskins in a no huddle.  Get some shock and awe going to throw the Redskins off.  Now every game will start like this against the Redskins.  The Skins will fall into the hole of down points and bad field position and think 'oh, no! Here we go again!' for every game the rest of this season.

2) Get your good players in the open field against the no tackle Redskins.  Screen passes, running game, it's yours.  The Redskins are built to defend the pass across the middle (almost the only play the Redskins offense runs, so the Redskins defense looks good in practice and horrible in games) so take some throws down the hash marks.

3) Exploit a bad secondary with plays designed to muddle assignments of the secondary.  Doughty in at strong safety?  Call a pass play.

4) Exploit an over-aggressive, predictable Brian Orakpo every time.

On defense:

1) Get big guys on the line.  The Redskins line is built on the deception of RG3 running and since that is not happening, the Redskins offensive line crumbles with a decisive defensive push.  The Redskins O-line is too small and weak for big defensive lineman.

2) Blitz up the middle.  The Redskins do not have a Right Tackle so they have to overprotect the right side.  This exposes the middle for blitzing.  Montgomery is also too small and way too weak to be a good center.

3) Look at just a little game film.  Kyle is the most predictable play caller in the league.  When down 14 points, Kyle panics and stops running.  Otherwise, it goes like this – 1st down – Alfred runs left or short pass over the middle.  2nd down Alfred goes to the right.  3rd down, Redskins panic and always go for a throw across the middle.

4)  Focus on RG3's knee brace.  Does he get a handicap parking spot at NFL stadiums?  How can any defensive lineman not look at that brace and not be encouraged that the Redskins are a weak, wounded animal?

Special teams 

Set the Redskins up for blocks to the back on returns.  If still no penalty flag, make fun of Niles Paul for an easy 15.

I think the Redskins can get better as RG3 gets better, somewhere around the 6th to 9th game.  It's hard to see the Redskins winning any games before the bye.  2-14 is looking like a real possibility right now.  Even if they do pull somewhat through, it's easy to see that the caliber of the Redskins and coaching is light years behind the Seahawks.  Don't expect a Redskins Super Bowl trip for the next 2-4 years. (Editor's note: Now, now. Two games is too soon to say THAT.)

Draft and free agency agenda – Right Tackle, Middle Linebacker, Center, Defensive Linemen, Safeties, Cornerback, Left Guard.  That's a few years of work folks. 

The 'good news' – no need to worry about losing Kyle or Raheem to a head coach offer anytime soon.

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