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Redskins: It’s OUR word

“That’s not what this case is about. It’s what OUR word means. It’s how you use it, it’s not whether you use it. You need to put the word in context. Once you get the context, this case falls apart in two seconds for them. And that’s where we’re standing. We’re standing on that ground….It may or may not be used disparagingly, just like many other terms can. So we don’t really think there’s much to that claim…..We, the Washington Redskins, have made something honorable and successful and imbued that into this brand. There’s no way that anybody can say we use that mark disparagingly. It’s a mark. That’s what trademark law’s all about.”

~ Bob Raskopf, outside trademark attorney for the Washington Redskins, when asked if he would call a Native American a “Redskin.” Quote taken from HERE.

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