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Redskins lead Bills 7-3 at the half

Redskins fans are happy with Robert Griffin III’s debut performance against the Buffalo Bills. He did the big things well – 4 completions of 6 attempts for 70 yards, 20 yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garçon for the lead. He did the little things well – unflustered in the pocket, visibly surveying the field to pick his targets, balls placed where the receiver could get them.

Pierre Garçon gave early justification for why head coach Mike Shanahan had faith in him. He caught 3 of the 4 passes thrown to him and his 20 yard score was something like 19 yards after the catch. Everyone calls the score a Robert Griffin III scoring pass, but the play was all Garçon. 

Trevor Matich pointed out on CSN Washington (TV) that the Redskins ran to the right to neutralize Buffalo’s Mario Williams to get him thinking about Washington’s rushing attack. The Redskins gained 43 yards on the ground.

Roy Helu appeared not to be as effective as Evan Royster, but a check of the stats has him with 17 yards on 4 attempts. Royster has 21 yards on 7 attempts. Hard for me to figure who is had the better half.

Is it fair asking Brandon Banks to make the team as a receiver, and then have Rex Grossman throw to him?

I fell asleep on the second half just after the Bills’ second field goal to close the gap to 7-6. That’s how the game ended.