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Redskins name-changers and modern Anti-Semitism

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder
I believe the recent flair up on the Redskins name is a function of two issues. One is the recent success and resurgence of the Redskins with RG3 last year that brought the Redskins back into the spotlight. The other is that Redskins have a Jewish owner.

Yes, I believe there is some anti-Semitism involved here even though it is likely unconscious.

There are some anti-Semitic undertones to the Redskins name changer group that are downright scary. In their morality that is the mainstay of modern anti-Semitism, what matters is solely whether people say their feelings are hurt or offended, not whether a claim is true or in context of the matter.

For an international perspective on this issue, consider that it is this kind of warped thinking that lets people think that a 130 pound bookworm with glasses protecting his family is a barbaric bully while a terrorist that seeks to blow up children is a “freedom fighter.” After all, he has his feelings and the Jews (or for the more PC anti-Semitism – ‘Israelis’) offended them.

There is only one country in the world that is one of the oldest in the world yet whose legitimacy to exist is challenged – Israel. There is only one city in the world the US State Department does not recognize as part of a country – Jerusalem. (If you get a US passport issued in Jerusalem, it says City:  Jerusalem  Country: ___- blank).

A simple rule of human nature is that often the accuser is guilty of the accusation.   We see something we don’t like in ourselves, and we are more prone to notice it or project it upon others.  The path of development of humankind beyond prejudice and racism is a path from superficiality to seeing character, depth and the immeasurable value of any life.  When superficial feelings of a vocal few count more than the inconvenient facts, that’s not progress.

That’s why for me this whole thing is so scary. Is it the end of the world if the Redskins changed their name to the Seminoles? No. It’s the moral closed-minded fanaticism and tactics of the name changers that is so scary.  The accusers are guilty of their own accusation.