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Redskins over Eagles 27-20, Christmas Eve Edition


The NFL, as expected, flexed the Cowboys at Redskins game to prime time, 8:30 PM ET Sunday. The Redskins entered the season with an underwhelming TV schedule. The Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas was a highlight, but the league didn't see the pairing as anything special. It was just Washington's turn in the rotation. But then, Washington didn't do its part to make Cowboys and Redskins compelling drama. I still see Norv Turner as a Cowboys plant to destroy a great rivalry.  

The Redskins won in Dallas. Many saw it as an upset at the time. Now Cowboys at Redskins will be the last game of the regular season. The winner takes the division. Wow.


The football smarts, including Hog Heaven, projected six or seven wins for the Redskins. For the whole season. They just won their sixth-straight game in this streak. Wow. Wow.


For a great game recap, see Tom Jackson's piece Eagles come up short again… on the Eagles Eye blog. Yes, it's an Eagles blog, but Tom is an great writer and excellent football analyst who gives an even-handed treatment to the game.

I won't try to improve on it. Go take a look. We'll be here when you get back.

Tom's had a rough year following the Eagles. I'm sympathetic to a point. Eagles fans have had a great run since 2000, better than what Redskins fans endured through that time. Hog Heaven isn't gloating. we're too busy in joyous delirium at how the Redskins season is turning out.

Alfred Morris on the verge of breaking Clinton Portis' single season franchise rushing record set in 2005. Portis rushed for 1,516 yards and 11 touchdowns that year. Morris has 1,413 yards and 10 TDs with a game to go. It would be downright poetic if Morris breaks the record in the last game of the season against Dallas in prime time.

There are a lot of playoff scenarios involving the Redskins and the Cowboys. We don't want to mess with them. The Redskins should focus on one thing. Win the next game. As we've already said, they should just get plain mad dog mean to do it.