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Redskins over the Broncos in smart Tweets. Is Cousins a keeper yet? Or Doctson?

It’s all in how you look at it I guess.

Isn’t that like damning with feint praise?

There is a segment of the fanbase that won’t accept Kirk no matter what.

They are a minority, but very vocal. Hog Heaven suspects that two of them sit in the front office. Fan outrage will be volcanic if Kirk leaves. Bruce Allen and Daniel Snyder know it.

Full disclosure: Hog Heaven is a Spartans grad who has followed Kirk’s career since 2009. We never doubted his ability to grow in the role.

The team’s theory for the season was way off.

  • The run game was never adequate.
  • The lead wide receivers were never adequate.

The run game was never adequate. Rob Kelley and Samaje Perine flashed potential. Neither of them can be compared to Clinton Portis, a second-round Draft pick (Denver) in 2002.

Kareem Hunt is a rookie selected in the third round of the 2017 Draft (Chiefs). He is the second-ranked rusher (1292 yds., 7 TDs) after 16 weeks.

The Redskins 2017 Draft picks were OLB Ryan Anderson (Second), CB Fabian Moreau (Third), RB Perine and S Montae Nicholson (Fourth). Little complaint about that. Defense was a needed point of emphasis. Perine was never intended to start so soon. But, how did the Chiefs know to pick Hunt?

The lead wide receivers were never adequate. Terrelle Pryor is a bust. We are inclined to give him another shot in this system. Jay Gruden’s patience with Ryan Grant seemingly to paid off yesterday with critical receptions. Why not stick with Pryor through training camp?

Josh Doctson is developing too slowly for a first-round pick. Yesterday, he caught two of the 13 passes thrown to him. One went for a spectacular score. (Yay!) On the season, he caught 33 of 75 targets, way too low for an NFL starter. Guess you could say Kirk Cousins failed to elevate Doctson’s play. (Snark)

Cousins’ play is the most certain thing about the Redskins offense. Yet, his future here is most in doubt.

Don’t blow this, Daniel.