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Redskins pick NC State DB David Amerson


NC State cornerback and Washington Redskins draftee David Amerson
He's not strictly a safety to fill the shoes of Madieu Williams, but in David Amerson the Redskins picked a player who fits Jim Haslett's schemes. Amerson is physical and can play corner or safety according the scouting report on him from Optimum Scouting

"Amerson shows good playing strength on the perimeter. He wins the majority
of his tussles with wide receivers and can definitely bump-N-grind in the air
against the bigger bodied pass catchers. He plays the game in bursts and
rarely reaches a max speed unless in a chase. He doesn't possess the sought
after deep speed in a outside cornerback to keep up with Ferraris like
Baltimore's Torrey Smith or Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace 40-50 yards down the
field, but his ability to read and react to the QB is a true asset in the
defensive secondary and allows for more turnover opportunities.

"He has therange of a free safety, covering ground with fewer steps than most and of
course, has terrific hands for the interception. In my opinion, Amerson has
the finest pair of hands on a college defensive back since UNC's Dre Bly." 

The Redskins selected Amerson with the 51st pick in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Welcome to Washington, Mr. Amerson.