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Redskins players put full court press on DJax

Luring a top NFL free agent to your team has much in common with NCAA schools luring a five-star high school prospect to campus than it does to the NFL Draft. Fans forget that sometimes. Enticing free agent receiver and former nemesis DeSean Jackson to the Redskins is more than a matter of money.

Jackson has to want to be here. The Redskins and their fans should want Jackson to want to be here and be highly skeptical if he is bought off. The mercurial Mr. Jackson is prone to hearing the words of his peeps too much and finding dissatisfaction with his lot. Money does not cure that.

When times get tough, and they will, and the bosses are on your butt, and that’s what they do, big money does not help you get out of bed. You have to want it to bring it. The knock on DJax is that he didn’t always bring it.

The Redskins are using all the tools at hand to sell Jackson on the team and on DC.


Fans also tend to overlook all the moving parts in a scenario like this one. If things fall through, if won’t be for lack of trying by the team. There are just a lot of moving parts here.

Jackson is the rare playmaker who finds himself on the market by weird happenstance. As many as nine teams have reached out to his agent — a story I am sure was planted by his agent.

Take the threat posed by the Raiders very seriously. They have more cap room than the Redskins  to absorb Jackson’s money demands. The Raiders are the team he rooted for as a boy. He played college ball for Cal. The team operates out of California and might move to his hometown LA. His agent should insist that Jackson visit other teams before signing anywhere.


The Redskins play in a division Jackson knows well. Signing here gives him too shots every season at the Eagles in case, you know, he’s holding grudges. His presence on the offense would make even the 3-13 Redskins a division contender.

The Redskins have a case to woo Jackson, but making it takes more than money. That’s why the team’s best recruiters were out on the town last night.