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Redskins ‘Round the World: What They Are Saying After Jaguars Game
JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 26: Quarterback David Garrard  of the Jacksonville Jaguars runs for a touchdaown during the game against the Washington Redskins at EverBank Field on December 26, 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)


Redskins fans are fixated on quarterback issues in Washington as if we have the only problems. You should read what they are saying about David Garrard in Jacksonville.

Charlie Bernstein, JagNation.com editor

“Without the services of Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jaguars ran the ball just 23 times and threw 38 times. Most playoff-caliber teams don’t have to hide their quarterbacks but Jacksonville doesn’t have that luxury as Garrard has proven himself not capable of winning a game solely with his arm.

“‘We put too big of a load on David, he wasn’t able to carry that load. It’s just too big of a load,’ [Jaguars head coach Jack] Del Rio, whose team has dropped 10 of its last 14 games in December, said.”

Brian Levenson, BigCatCountry.com

“Garrard is mostly a game manager. It’s not a dirty word. Even the greatest Garrard haters will give you that he is competent as a game manager. The difference is that some people see a game manager as good enough to help a good team win, while others see a game manager as bad enough to fail when the game is on the line. Both are true. I usually see the positive, but in games where Garrard has to do everything, he is consistently exposed.

The story on the official team site, Jaguars.com, implies that the Redskins are a better cold weather team than the Jaguars.

From Sad end to a fun season

“On what was the coldest home game in Jaguars history, played into the teeth of a howling wind, points were at a premium for both teams. Del Rio was especially disappointed by the play of his offense against a Redskins defense that was without several starters and was ranked last in the league in yards allowed.

“It should also be noted that kicker Josh Scobee missed a 44-yard field goal attempt late in the first quarter.”

(Note: Washington’s Graham Gano was two for two on his field goals, including a 48 yard attempt.)

Two stories imply that the ‘Skins have more bench strength than we’ve been accustomed to in recent seasons.

Associated Press story

“Washington (6-9) made just enough plays. Rex Grossman had a touchdown pass early, and Ryan Torain added a 1-yard plunge on fourth down late. But the Redskins won this one with defense. They played without several starters, including linebacker Brian Orakpo and safeties Reed Doughty and Kareem Moore, and lost cornerback Carlos Rogers during the game.

“They hardly seemed to miss them. The Redskins stuffed Jacksonville’s running game, pressured Garrard and came up big when it mattered most.”

John Keim, Washington Examiner

“But the guy I was surprised by was Rob Jackson. If nothing else, he looked like someone worth watching down the road – in what role, who knows. But he certainly helped today. His hands were more powerful than I expected; he told us the other day that was his strength as a rusher. But still, it was better than anticipated. He stunned left tackle Eugene Monroe with his hands on one rush. And I know Terrence Austin only caught one pass, but what I liked on the play was his footwork; got the DB spun inside and then came back out. Also, with a little savvy, he even came back a step for the ball. It helped him get open for a key third-down reception. The only way the Redskins had a chance today was to get contributions from the young players. They did. Oh, and I forgot to mention a guy like Keiland Williams, who was not spectacular, but who protected well when he was in the game. Makes a difference. I don’t think the Redskins have a lot of future starters among their young players, but they do have guys who look like they can help.”

Think the Redskins have problems? Here’s what they are saying about the Giants after New York’s melt-down in frigid Green Bay (Ya, I know. Real bad pun there)

Andy Furman, Ultimate NYG

“What we want to discuss now is why this team underachieves.  Even if the Giants were not the better team today, which they were not, we want to know why this team is SEVERELY outplayed when it counts the most.  The common denominator has been and will always be Mr. Tom Coughlin.  If there are any people out there who want to defend the captain of the gmen football ship, please explain why this is not on the head coach.   Because we are tired of watching the steward dodging accountability year after year.  This is the third consecutive year (and 4 out of 5) that the team has FAILED down the stretch.  Not lost, FAILED.”

Mike Farley, Big Blue View

“Like all of you, I’m disgusted and disappointed.  I thought we had a real shot to win this game, but once again all three phases, as well as the coaching staff, let us down.”